Overall Information

The radiation had different effects on every creature. Since the genetic information on each animal is at least a little bit different, the radiation had to adapt to those specific differences, in result giving them different end results. There are two main categories; 'powers' and 'buffs'. Powers give the victim an additional ability (example: Dusty and his lightning) while buffs enhance already present traits (example: stronger bunny). More intelligent species, in other words the predators, get powers, while the less intelligent species, the prey, get buffs (there are exceptions, like a badger with heightened senses or a mouse that freezes things). Because more prey survived the radiation than predators (predators had a more advanced brain so adaption was harder), it is more common to see buffs than powers


Powers are rarer, and extremely dangerous. Examples of powers are super-speed, teleportation, density change, wind manipulation, and ice. There are different power levels throughout powers (for example, there is weak telekinesis and strong telekinesis). High power levels are rarer than low power levels. As previously stated, powers are more common among predators.


While buffs are may not seem as effective as powers, they can be just as deadly. Buffs include increase of strength, heightened senses, and added physical features (examples of that would be added wings on a lizard). As previously stated, buffs are more common among prey.


Cats are one of the species that gained powers due to the radiation. There is no 'most common' power for them; there is a wide variety of powers and no limits. They may also get buffs, but that is rare.

Behavior Change: the cats' behavior didn't change much through mutation. The only considerable difference is that cats have more of an instinct to band together and form groups, whilst they used to be more solitary.

Information on other species coming soon!

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