This is the setting in which the 2 Clans set their territories. The yellow line represents the boundary line.


The moor- the moor is a dry, grassy place. The grass here is spikey; it's not very comfortable. Most of FireClan's territory consists of the moor. A stream separates it from the Badlands and the forest.

Tallrocks- tall, looming rocks. If you manage to climb up them, you can see all the way to the forest.

FireClan's camp- FireClan built their camp at the foot of the Tallrocks. They nest under bushes and in small caves in the rocks. The rocks also provide shelter from the wind. The only downside is you can hear the endless screams from the Badlands at night.

The forest- it's like a normal forest, just more...dead. Everything has a grayish tint to it, and the bark is twisted and mangled. The moss is orange (cats have discovered that it is safe to use it as a nest). However, the trees provide shelter and food, so it's all the same quite a good place to live. IceClan's territory includes most of the forest. A stream separates it from the moor.

IceClan's camp- IceClan set up camp in the forest, next to a huge fallen tree. They nest in and around the tree. The camp itself is near the lake's shores, which is convenient. For collecting water. However, there have also been a couple of unwanted guests because of this.

The Twolegplace Ruins- the Twolegplace is now nothing more than a huge expanse of rubble. There are destroyed nests and faded Thunderpaths everywhere. There is good shelter there, but the rats that live in the Twolegplace are dangerous, so cats usually steer clear of it.

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