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Warriors: Genetics

Everything in the world seemed great for a moment. Humans were at peace, with more advanced technology than ever. However, all the technology in the world couldn't stop crisis. A nuclear power plant exploded. Radiation spread, leaving the world in ruins. Humans and animals alike attempted to flee, but failed. Everything was dying. Destroyed. Humans are extinct. So is most of the world's population of animals. Those who surivived are a whole different story. Dusty has a been a housecat all his life. Things are getting tougher. There always seems to be an animal with sharper teeth (or scarier powers *wink wink*). Dusty needs help to from other cats. But can he trust these wild cats? What exactly do they have in store for Dusty? A webcomic based on Erin Hunter's series, Warriors. (uses Warrior terms, concepts, names, etc.) Rated T+ because of blood, violence, murder/death, and a dark storyline. Updates: Whenever, idk :P


Submit a Cat! **Always Open**

**Submit a Cat is always open, no matter how late into the comic we are**
Welcome to submit a cat! I've had this idea for while, and I decided to do it to
celebrate 50+ fans!! Basically it's a call for cameos, but I don't really expect much people to have mutated cats in their OC list. So, it's more of a 'create a cat' thing.
Alright, here are the steps (label accordingly in your comment.)

1) Breed of cat/ original color(s)
2) Color of added markings and where they are in the cat's body
****or you could skip these two steps and send me a drawn reference.
3) Power* (if any)
4) Name
5) Personality
6) FireClan or IceClan (the cat's power has NOTHING to do with the clan name. A fire cat can be in IceClan. They were named after the leaders' powers)

*A cat's power can be mostly anything. Powers you will see in-comic will include electricity, super speed, wind manipulation, water manipulation, fire, ice, time (temporarily), and poison. You can pick your own power (does not have to be one of the ones I just stated), just don't make it too OP. I will tell you if it's not acceptable for the comic.
Note: the only open positions are Warriors and Apprentices (leaders and meds have already been created). If yours is an apprentice, I will know (since their name ends in 'paw')

Confused? Here's a little guide based on a future character to help you out (hopefully)
Please post your comments here! Do not send me PMs of your cat! It's easier to keep track of them here.
Have fun!

posted by ShadowStalker1128 @ May 31st, 2017, 6:34 pm  -  33 comments

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None yet, unfortunately. If you're interested, PM me about it!


Warriors belongs to Erin Hunter. Story, art, and characters all belong to me, and you MAY NOT use them without my permission.